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Hufflepuff Common Room

Where the kind and caring are...

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
This is the common room for the Hufflepuffs that were sorted at harrypothesis. You may post or discuss whatever your heart desires in this community, just remember to follow the rules.
NOTE: You will not get house points for posting a theory in here. To get points, you must post it in the main community. You can, however, post it in here if you just want your fellow Hufflepuffs to discuss it with you. :D

Prefect: freakyhypergrl2


*There is no need to be rude,please try to be somewhat nice to the other members..leave your drama out of here.
*Try to make everything Friends Only I don't know why I made this community Friends only..I just like it. :D

Umm...thats about it for rules. I'm not too strict about this kind of stuff. Just have fun, and follow the few guidelines that I acctually have set.